Sony licensed stock footage, then branded its creator a pirate for using it himself

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Sometimes artists who produce stock footage sell all rights to their work. In that case, Sony would be right - you already got your paycheck, bro.

Too bad we don’t have anyone looking out for the little guy the same way they look out for the corporations.

It doesn’t sound like that’s the case here. Looking at his terms of use page, it sounds like he licenses his stuff, for free, even for commercial use. I don’t imagine that he is giving away his rights to use the work when he is giving it away for free, but I may be wrong.


He’s explicitly saying that he isn’t relinquishing his rights. There doesn’t appear to be much room to wriggle, which is probably why Sony Music not only withdrew their YouTube claim, but acceded to his demands for credit and a link to his Website on their page.


Well, the only reason I was hedging is because I bother trying to get a copy of the commercial license - there may or may not be something different in there from what’s stated on the terms page, but as I said, I doubt he’s relinquishing any rights when he’s giving it away for free, even for commercial use.

In which case Sony would have a document itemizing the works for which rights were transferred.

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Soooo… I tried to watch both videos in question. The original one was fine. The one made by Sony is BANNED IN GERMANY, BECAUSE THE LICENSE FOR THE MUSIC IN THE VIDEO ISN’T VALID HERE! Just saying… :joy:


It might be nice if someone were to come up with a (CC licensed) stock contract for works like this. Be sure to include a clause where the user of the work loses all rights if they sue the creator of the work.

Don’t they do stuff like that for other IP licensing?

If corporations are people, this is the aristocrats running over children in the street

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