Sorrow in the Balkans


Much love and healing to the people of the Balkans!


It is never going to end until each man and woman would ALL take their heads out of their respective behinds: high class and low class, left wing and right wing. Only then can Europe be united. Only can World be united. Only then the wars and killings and rapes can stop.

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Firefly International, a small UK arts charity, is helping its partner Svitac in Brcko, one of the areas most affected, fundraise for basic supplies for displaced people:

As one of the few trusted local NGOs in the area (they’ve been active for 15 years) they’ve been helping the Red Cross deal with the thousands of people from surrounding villages who’ve been made homeless in an area already plagued by unemployment and poverty. Any donations will be used to buy toiletries, diapers, rain gear, medicine for the Red Cross to distribute, and would be greatly appreciated!

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