Source tells WSJ that the FBI is investigating Whitefish Energy and its $300M Puerto Rico contract


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An investment firm that owns a major stake in the company is run by a donor to Trump’s presidential campaign.


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The other shoe is coming. Whitefish declares bankruptcy and claims they don’t know where the $300M went.


It’s like you’ve seen this kind of fuckery before.



They’ve only got 8 mil of it so far. But there is that clause in the contract about no looksies at the profit margins.


Never to be seen again. Count on it.



That deal was just begging to be investigated. What have they gotten away with previously to think this one would fly?


I’m sure they meant well.


wait til you hear how far the ‘construction site’ Zinkes son worked at was from Zinke’s house.

hint, closer than Putins house is to Palins.


Its a shame the ‘all the way to the bank’ comedy festival will have to get cancelled. Biggest cultural event planned in Whitefish in generations.


This sounds like a Whitefish swimming in Blackwater.


Darn, now the GOP’s paymasters will have to register another shell company for ripping off hurricane victims. Sunlight is so inconvenient for vampires.


" whitefish " - i keep reading that word , and yet , my brain keeps thinking " silverfish "


I keep thinking of…


THIS is what happens when you decide that you want government run like a business. Because looting business establishments is the core competency of the modern CEO. And when you bring these guys in, they don’t have any idea that they can’t get away with this sort of obvious grift. “Subtle” is not in their dictionary. It doesn’t even occur to them to that they can’t get away with renting private jets with taxpayer money, or steering super sweetheart contracts to their buddies. They’re so used to thinking of laws as something that their corporate lawyers are there to get them out of that they don’t realize that the government lawyers under them are working for THE GOVERNMENT, not them.


I keep thinking of…


If it’s not the Whitefish, it’s not the rightfish!