South Carolina cop who shot black man for following orders arrested


Does anyone here think he will be found guilty?



First off, I find the shooting of any human being with their hands up objectionable beyond words, but forgive me for pointing this out, but Officer Quickdraw McPanicky opened up at a gas station… let that sink in for a moment. He hit this man with a single bullet, but three went FSM knows where. A miracle the gentleman isn’t dead. And another miracle Quickdraw didn’t hit anyone else. I’m sure copologists will be in here soon to say he had it coming, looks like a thug, etc etc etc.

Watch the whole video, the guy with a bullet in him is surprisingly polite and lucid after getting shot.

Dash cams, gun cams and badge cams all around! Let the surveillance state begin with those who enforce the law, it’ll make everyone safer. I for one am sick of this.


Not just at a gas station, but pointed in the general direction of the pumps where cars were being fueled :open_mouth:


It’s almost equally disturbing that the cop in question is such a poor shot. There are several gunshots, and the man (who wasn’t even moving) was only hit once. That’s a hell of a lot of stray bullets flying through the air.


I have to say, reading the description and the video of this incident, it doesn’t seem particularly different than the scores of other police shootings that have been posted on what seems like an average of one a week or so, for the last several years. To me, that raises a major concern, to wit:

This seems entirely unfair to Officer Groubert, to charge him with this crime. His fellow officers nationwide regularly get away with the exact same conduct, and have done so for years, decades even! How could Officer Groubert possibly know and have been on notice that his illegal actions would actually be treated like crimes this time? It seems only fair to police that, if you’re going to actually hold them accountable to the law when for years they’ve been exempt from following it, that they need at least a 3-5 year retraining period, where reactions to lesser crimes like fraud and grand theft are simply being noted as potential retraining opportunities, and more serious infractions like maiming or killing civilians are met with a stern but kindly and measured verbal warning. Don’t want them feeling threatened, after all!

After that time, of course, we’ll need a probationary period, where any punishment is significant but not too severe, like, any civilians killed will result in a reduced number of allowed donuts per week for a set quantity of time, or, required pushups or other PT. Certainly nothing as significant as a suspension or too harshly worded a reprimand. And of course, after any incident, the customary paid uncharged vacation will of course still be granted. Perhaps by 2030 we can start phasing in minimal judicial involvement, to include Judges issuing a reserved “tut tut”, and, in egregious cases, some light community service.


The hell of it is, to be cynical about that is to be pragmatic.

IANAL, but this sure looks like a case where good old qualified immunity is going to work its cop vindicating magic. It worked for these guys.

At least officer Groubert has been sacked and arrested, but he has not yet been convicted.


Yes. He admitted on the video that he removed his seatbelt before pulling into the gas station. I think his guilt is pretty clear.

I really don’t understand why police choose to close the distance between themselves and a perceived threat. This is the second video I’ve seen that the police failed to take advantage of distance or cover to prevent escalation of a situation. The other video is the kid shot over a pair of energy drinks.

This is so out of hand. Police really need to reevaluate their training, their intent and their procedures. Far too many people being killed (fortunate this guy wasn’t killed).


It’s hard to aim accurately when you’re shooting in a blind panic. Officer Groubert was clearly shitting his pants after the guy turned around.


You can just keep making it worse. He shot following the guy who was unarmed - both hands spread wide. He’d decided that the driver was going for a gun (when he’d told him to retrieve his license, and the guy clearly checks his pants pocket first before reaching into the vehicle). He gave him no instruction to not re-enter the vehicle and made the assumption that the driver would know that (he blames him later in the video).

As he followed the guy, he shot - not just toward the pumps - but also toward at least four vehicles, most likely all occupied. He’s damn lucky there isn’t anyone dead.

This was an officer misinterpreting someone’s actions, and then overreacting - with deadly force.



Why assault and not murder?


Erm, the individual in question didn’t die? And I think even the biggest cop critic can see why attempted murder isn’t really applicable in this case… I think the highest category of assault with a deadly weapon is actually pretty accurate on the charges. Possibly should be a few more tacked on as well, but, the assault charge itself seems apt.


Seems Officer Quickdraw has a few notes in his case file.

Of special note: #4
1-6-2013: “Groubert was blocking a lane of traffic to assist in rerouting traffic due to a collision. A subject drove around his patrol vehicle. Subject complained that he spoke to her in an unprofessional manner. He stopped and charged subject with ‘disobedience to police,’ which was determined to be an improper charge. Charge was dismissed.”

Also something on 8.21.14 (ongoing)


The cop panicked. Why did he panic? The victim made a quick movement. Would the cop have been so quick to shoot a white man who moved quickly? I don’t know, but I do know there are a lot of people in the USA who think racial profiling is A-OK.

Well, this is what you get with racial profiling. Polite well-spoken guy follows police orders, but because he is black he “fits the profile” of someone going for a gun, and so the cop shoots first.

I’m sure the Sean Hannitys of this world will find a way to defend that police officer.


Why were you pulling me over?
A seatbelt violation, sit.

For fucking serious. A fucking “seatbelt violation.”

Is that the equivalent of “Hmmm, looks like your taillight’s out. <sound of breaking glass>.”?


The poor man. Has anyone get up a GoFundMe appeal to help him fight the dismissal?


Officer Groubert was awarded a Medal of Valor in 2013 for shooting a different person.

Also, I’ll be really interested to learn the details of the “Incident in a courtroom” that happened in late August.


I don’t know about that, but what do you want to bet that if he isn’t convicted, there will be a counter-suit for wrongful termination?


Groubert’s attorney, Barney Geise, said his client is not guilty

But not guilty of what? Did his attorney mean he wasn’t guilty of the Lindberg baby kidnapping or something? Because I don’t think he can argue he didn’t shoot the guy, and it was clearly without provocation, so…


Very few people are good shots with handguns in stressful situations. The NYPD, who have to hit the target 78 percent of the time to qualify with firearms, have an accuracy rate of 30 percent when shooting at suspects who do not return fire- it’s dramatically lower if they do.