South Korea warns trendy TikTokers: Please stop eating toothpicks! (video)

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They look like green packing packing peanuts when cooked.

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I recall a House MD episode where a patient was having a recurring abdominal pain and bleeding due to a swallowed toothpick that was migrating around their abdomen.

I mean, some packing peanuts ARE made of starch.

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The way they puff up reminds me of frying glass noodles:

I guess it makes sense, since both are made of starch.

yes they are. wouldn’t make good toothpicks (or fried snack food), however.

Yeah, those are the ones I mean. I know they’re “edible” but they also have glues and god knows what else in them. I didn’t know they were fried before ending up all over my living room. :wink:

Wonko the Sane was right. So, so right.
If anyone needs me, I’m popping inside the asylum for a bit to get some groceries.

While we’re at that, they should stop using TikTok, too.

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