Southern snow horror stories

B-Chan is awesome… I miss her. I should drop her a line and see how she’s doing. I’ve actually known her since before she was at GSU.

Dead Air was the goth/industrial show from the late 90s. They played a great mix of stuff–everything from the classic goth/industrial bands, local favorites (Changlings, Nothing Inside, etc), as well as stuff like Laurie Anderson that you wouldn’t expect. One of their last shows, Michael interviewed Jarboe from the Swans, post break-up. They were a great couple of guys, too. Then we knew the guy who picked up the format, though it wasn’t called Dead Air, I think it was Happy House-- that was Will? We also knew the guy who did the industrial show over at WREK, Skippy Will.

I don’t know if I know any current DJs, though I think I had a class once with the chick who used to do Mighty Aphrodite, but I can’t remember her name.

Emory? I don’t know whether to feel flattered or insulted! :wink: No, I’m GSU all the way. I do have a couple of friends in the phd program over there in history–most of them are cool and very smart, actually and not snobs at all.

oh shit–the Adam Bomb station ID just played!

anyhow, yeah, I don’t think i know anyone over there anymore. I’m sure, in fact.

I only met one Emory student and he was an African national who served and bartended with me at Bridgetown (Midtown.) Definitely not a snob. Plus, you aren’t an undergrad like all the kids on daddy’s dime anymore. So I figured they accepted you into grad school due to the obvious rigor with which you approach all the history-related posts you write :smile:

Honestly, there really wasn’t anyone for me to work with over there, at least in history, given the transnational scope of my project (and the fact it’s a history of capitalism and the recording industry in the cold war). No one really does transnational stuff and no one really does music industry, while I have several professors to chose from here who do either transnational proejcts, and modern cultural/music related work.

I try to be rigorous… Hopefully, my scholarship is as well done as my ranty posts!

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Oh no!

This sucks, especially since they were about to start serious renovations. There just aren’t that many old buildings in town.

oh god
oh god
oh god

“While students are entrusted to run the station, WRAS is ultimately a
university asset. This opens the door for long-term opportunities
between GPB and Georgia State. Terms of the contract evolved over time,
and we shared the decision as soon as it was signed.”

story here


I just posted something about this as a new topic and I included the link to the petition.

Also, as an Atlanta resident, if you want to make a comment for the story I’m going to write about this for Tropics of Meta, let me know. I want to try and get something together, at least in a rough draft form this week.

word. I’ll read your post and if I come up with anything I’ll hit you up in a PM or here or whatever

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