Southwest Airlines surrenders to racists, refuses boarding to Arab-American passengers

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Hrm, how did I ever guess that Texans were involved?


Sounds like they did the right thing: the safety issue was the mob of racists, and the airline reacted by protecting the safety of their victims.

At least, that’s the spin I’m going to believe today. If ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.

(Yeah, yeah, I know. But seriously, if I don’t make a game out of this nonsense, I’m going to be curled up in a fetal position in a corner somewhere. O America, where art thou?)


Yeah, that was some bullsh!t those guys were subjected to, it was nice of them to share their treat with a bunch of jackasses who didn’t remotely deserve it, etcetera.

Still, I’m just here to ask about this: “Random Capitalization worthy of a Serial Killer”

Huh? I mean, yeah, the weaselgram was chock full of Stupidly Portentous Capitalization, and was deserving of mockery in this regard - but “worthy of a Serial Killer”? Even as a joke?


The way I read it is the implication, right or wrong, that the junior exec or PR flunkie who wrote it thought capitalization would make it sound more important and significant, the textual equivalent of puffing up the chest to seem bigger to other animals.


"Due to your aggressively racist language, our staff have profiled you as a potential terrorist threat. Would you please exit the plane with these nice men and accompany them to the room over there?


Sorry, we don’t live in the cannon universe. We live in the evil mirror universe.


Yes, please.

If some bigot/racist/xenophobe is spooked, they should be made to wait for another plane, for their safety.

Good thinking for the passengers to call 911 first, too.


Texan here (I moved to Austin from San Francisco ten years ago to escape crazy economics in the bay area). Minor point to make: not all Texans are racist assholes. Many, many are. But please don’t make the blanket assumption that all are; doing so, in the context of the particular news story being reported, would violate annual irony quotients.


He shared his baklava with them.

New terrorism plot blueprint:

  1. Be brown while carrying package in boarding area.
  2. Wait for other passengers to wet pants, demanding that the package be opened.
  3. Show package contents to be delicious dessert, share with pants-wetters.
  4. Throw back head and laugh evilly as pants-wetters begin succumbing to the poison in the dessert (or possibly the detonations of the explosives hidden in the dessert?).

So sad. How long till we replay our shameful past and open up internment camps?


I’m in the Houston area. I have a long history of posting about my Texas experiences here on the BBS, so if you haven’t seen them then my comment might have come off as throwing all of Texas under the bus. My comments come from a place of seeing Texas and anti-muslim or Texas and police brutality linked so often. At first it was surprising and now it’s unsurprising in its regularity. Like a version of “Florida man.”


As funnay as this is, it’s walking on the line, no… stomping all over it. But I accept your dark humor. Stay tuned and I will raise you one, probably in another thread.

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I was talking to a DoD accountant the other day. She was adamant that she was concerned that “those people”, i.e. muslims, i.e. people with brown skin, had to be watched because they freak her out on airplanes. This was before the whole France thing. I had never met anyone with views like that, in person before.


The capitalization was all correct except “employees,” but we can mock it anyway.


Considering how much more terrorism is executed on American soil by white racists than by people of Middle Eastern descent, it certainly would have been more prudent of them to kick the guy who pointed the finger off of the flight himself…


That recipe is a bomb. Explosion of taste!


Nawww, just some nice exlax brownies…
Throw back head and laugh evilly as pants-crappers line up for the restrooms.


This is totally inappropriate & unjust. The appropriate response is to offer the fearful racist passengers the option to board or re-book. These six Muslims should sue, naming the airline & individual personnel & passengers that harassed them so.


I truly wish Maher Khalil the best of luck in his lawsuit against Southwest Air, frankly I will never fly them again.