Soylent dick: a sculpture made of Soylent that spurts more Soylent when you praise Soylent


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Soylent Dick is part of people!


I guess i’m just really confused why anyone would suppose that there might be some deep meaning behind people just not wanting to deal with cooking and cleaning or time and expense involved with feeding yourself traditional food. And what is the basis for making it a gender thing? Is there something inherently gendered about Soylent?


Really un-creative people who’ve never thought about gender want to fit into the current gender-aware zeitgeist. So its just really easy to take something made by a man and have it come out of a dick.



I’ve never understood the Soylent/semen analogy. I mean, Soylent doesn’t look, smell, or taste anything like semen. Anyone who makes the comparison is telling you that they’ve never had much experience with semen or Soylent.


I like soylent. I drink/eat it 3-4 days a week. I think (with no empirical evidence to back me up) that it makes me healthier. I think I save money because I am inherently lazy. I don’t think I have any ulterior motives for drinking it. I would think happy mutants would welcome drastically different foodstuffs. Maybe if it were 96% off?


Q: What is Soylent?

A: You place it into your body.

Q: What is Soylent?

A: You put it into your body.

Q: What is Soylent?

A: You receive it into your body.


Maybe we should ask some questions?

Or maybe we should shut up and not ask questions of our betters.

Here: put some Soylent into your body.


Admittedly men and women have different calorie needs, but that can easily be answered by DIY Soylent’s customization tool that lets you tweak it to whatever recommended nutrition guide you prefer (broken down by gender too). I ate a modified Chewable Chow for a while.
Overall I think it’s a stupid jab at gender inequality in engineering. (Before you grab the pitchforks, I’m one of 4 female software engineers at my whole site.)


I read Chewbacca Chow and was intrigued.


Best possible use of soylent?


Okay, we gotta kickstart Chewbacca Chow.

Who’s with me!?


I wanted to criticize, but I have to admit, this is a pretty clever way to feign the sort of intellect, pseudo-profundity, and faux-progressiveness that blogs eat up, while simultaneously giving oneself the excuse to sculpt a dick like a group of 12-year-olds snickering in the back row of art class.



I think the article should more accurately be:

“that spurts more Soylent when you type in one of 12 canned sentences”


I did ask some questions.

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