Space-Mountain/Disney-Cruise-themed mid-century house remodel


Fantastic. Looks like they took a beautiful midcentury home and turned it into Ikea on steroids.

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Ahh, what memories! My grandparents’ house in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA was if anything more overboard modern than this. Grampa was an electrical contractor and built his dream home in 1965. They had everything mentioned in the article, NuTone low voltage lights, house-wide intercom/hifi, even the “Food Center” which was like a blender motor built-in to the countertop.

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IIRC Ikea only do right angles.

"Behind the table are four 60-inch plasma displays, inspired by the Skyline bar on the Disney Cruise Line’s Dream ship. These are set to pull random images from the Web, and we use VLC to stream video. "

Nothing could possibility go wrong there.


Anyone else hearing “Music for A Bachelor’s Den” as the soundtrack here?

Really beautiful. I imagine the “12% more” was starting with an already breathtaking figure, but if you got it, use it.

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