Space Pilot Helmet toy from 1952




In space no one can hear you whiz.


“Sounds like whizzing through space!”

That’s the sound of your friends leaving your orbit at maximum warp.


Yes, but is that a bad thing?


That chinstrap doesn’t look like it has the tensile strength to withstand space flight. The propellor looks good, though.


Why this didn’t replace the Napoleon hat as the international symbol of insanity is beyond me. :arrows_clockwise:


I don’t need some stupid friends with limited imagination. Books are better.


propeller beanie: A person with a propeller beanie is comic art shorthand for a SF fan. Ray Nelson popularized the artistic practice in the late '40’s, around the time he convinced George Young to wear one to the WorldCon in Toronto in 1948. It was Ray’s idea that all of the Detroit fans would wear them, but at the last minute his dad wouldn’t let him go (he was in high school), and George was the only one with the guts to wear his. Wearing them became a fad within fandom.

SMOF: Secret Masters of Fandom. By definition, if you say you are one, you are not, although you can observe people smoffing (discussing running cons instead of Science Fiction itself) at any con.



Toy Designer 1: Crap! I totally forgot that we needed to pitch a new product to management in 15 minutes or we’re canned! What have we got?

Toy Designer 2: I have some disposable plastic picnicware, a pinwheel, a shoelace and a hot glue gun.

Toy Designer 1: GO WITH IT!


Perhaps this is why space pilots are in such short supply- the uniforms suck.


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