This kid looks pleased with his space disintegrator gun and helmet




Pleased… or constipated.


Young Charles Durning!


Yes, crazy. Actually. Clinically. Crazy - it was an epidemic of disastrous proportions. Australia’s youth were dealt a devastating blow. Now’s your chance to finish the job by putting these directly into the hands of the remaining children, at Huge Profits!!!


Its Bill the Galactic Hero!


When I was a young’un I had the Lost in Space set that had a helmet and ray gun, which actually bore no relationship to the show, save for the words “Lost in Space” on one of the decorative stickers.

God I loved that toy!


Must. Have. One.

Look at that kids face! That’s what a truly space badass looks like.


I had a Star Trek gun that shot these plastic discs about the size of a quarter that would glide like little Frisbees.

I also had a James Bond gun that could be fired from within its padded carrying briefcase through a little hole in the side.


$650 !


Young Rob Ford???


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Two booths down from the disintegrator-rifle mob scene, the makers of Tunkers the Ridin’ Roo stood stoically, imagining dusty boxes stacked in the back of toy stores, their lives ruined.


ZOMG I had that too and had completely forgotten about it until now. The emotional hit of remembering a toy like that is incredible.



Those things were cool. No actual relation to Star Trek except the licensing on the box.

We used (unbranded) ones to play Killer in high school. One kid spray-painted his black and pulled it on a subway platform, making a cop draw down on him and almost fire. This led to the school administration banning all role-playing games on school grounds, despite the fact that the incident 1) hadn’t happened on school grounds and 2) had no conceivable relationship to pen & paper games. Our D&D group brazenly flouted the ban and openly mocked any faculty that gave us grief.

You could get away with a lot more shit in the 80s than now.


Yep my thought too…this kid needs some Castor Oil, another fine product of that era.


The discs look right, but I remember it looking more like an actual Star Trek Phaser. I found a toy like that on Google but it had black discs. I’m going to be lying on my death bed and my last words will be “Phaser… Phaser…” and it will be all enigmatic and important.


And I’ll be there and I’ll say, “Phaser??? I hardly even know 'er!”


I had one too. Phaser is here: and the discs are these:


Rimshot, both look to camera… aaaaaand… scene.


The Star Trek disc gun was around for a long time. Perhaps into the early '80s, when members of the campus SF club used it for shoot-outs.

Of course, it might have been the same toy under yet another new name and branding, but they called it a Star Trek gun. (I’d never seen the Space: 1999 version posted above.)