Spacebar paging distance w/o "Post Draft in Progress..."

I like to read by scrolling with the spacebar instead of trying to use the tiny sidebar sliders. However, since I don’t want to clutter up the joint with ten singular replies in one blob to many different users, I like to start a response to someone, then read down the page and continue responding to the first or other users as the needs strikes. However, if I’ve got a post in progress, the browser, in this case, Chrome for Win7, notifies me at the bottom of the viewing window (“Post Draft…”) and obscures text that would otherwise show (via scrolling by spacebar) at the bottom of the page. And paging again means the text is scrolled too far up to read.

Take note of the dots just along the top of the “Post draft…” notification indicating a graphical garrote of the text that will shortly be missed when paging up:

Is there a way to correct the pagination for reading in this way when a post is in progress?


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