SpaceX to send 2 people around the moon in 2018


Where do I sign?


I’ll send over the paper work, but I’ll need your DoB, checking account number, routing number, SSN, and a copy of your passport. You know, so we can expedite your… Space passport.


3 days of travel. 1 hour around the back of the moon. 3 days of travel.

Sounds like a well spent hundred million.


If I had a spare 100 million, why not?


I know a guy who will send you there just for mouthing off.


This was the plot of The Road to Hong Kong:

With a Russian launch to the moon carrying two apes imminent, the Third Echelon, which was going to emulate the Soviet achievement, decides to gain respect at the United Nations by launching two human astronauts, Chester and Harry, instead of apes. The two are used as guinea pigs (and fed with bananas) to test the capabilities of the spacecraft and the effects of spaceflight upon humans. The mission is successful


Goodness knows you could only do so much for a school district with that kind of change. You’d hardly get four schools named after you at that rate.


Whodathought that we’d end up in Heinlein’s future after all. :confused:


Untrue. In Heinlein’s future the citizenry is still well educated for the most part and students have to take a class where they actually discuss their views on history and civics to actually form a basis of how they think.


And his entrepreneur protagonists were benevolent, too. Still, Earth got crazy-house by the time of ‘Friday’ - I think we’re just getting the order wrong.
I mean, I hope not…

[And that’s without mentioning the US theocratic state in the 21st century.]


Friday also split the US up into various warring factions too.

I’d be cool with a space elevator if it meant I didn’t have to deal with some jacknut from Mississippi as as being from the same country I am…


I Went To The Moon
And All I Got Was This Stupid T-shirt
And Several Baggies of Freeze-Dried Space Poop

(I’d do it in a heartbeat.)


A Clarkeian future still gives us space elevators, with the minor addition of a second star in the solar system and the loss of night. :wink:


No deal. I require the night to be a complete human.


If Jupiter were to become a brown giant, it still wouldn’t be very bright, would it?

Like, maybe a second moon more than a second sun.

We’d be okay.


How about you go around the moon and return home to the same Earth with all it’s issues knowing you could have done something about a shit ton of a lot of them.

It’s like being Schindler at the end of that Speilberg movie but instead you know you got to see the back side of the moon instead of helping millions of Americans with Planned Parenthood or something similar.


No way, unless I can see the Milky Way I don’t care.


That’s true, you have a point.


Well now, that I can certainly agree with. :slight_smile:


[quote=BÖC]The day is OK and the sun can be fun
But I live to see those rays slip away[/quote]

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