Spain wants to pay 20-somethings nearly $300/month to move out of their parents' homes

Originally published at: Spain wants to pay 20-somethings nearly $300/month to move out of their parents' homes | Boing Boing


a program to pay young people aged 18-35 €250 per month ($290 USD) to move into their own place.

Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Madrid is 665.40€/month. Living with mom and dad in your childhood house in the centre of the city at age 30 isn’t great, but being crammed into a small apartment in the burbs with roommates isn’t much more appealing.

Government handout programmes for landlords have to match their greed to be successful. The proposed rent caps are a more effective measure by themselves.


It’s a rent subsidy. “Paying them” sounds like the government is giving handouts to entitled millennials and genZers because they’re otherwise too lazy to move out rather than, you know, not being able to afford it without government help.


It’s funny that this is seen as paying the renters rather than just handing the money over to the landlords.


Wouldn’t it make more financial sense if they had roommates?


well I guess thats it for the “dark net” then…

Just make it illegal to set rent any more than the mortgage the owner pays plus 2%. Boom affordable housing.

Here’s another one: make it illegal to own more than 2 dwellings. Let’s add on if you live in either one less than 4 months of the year, your tax rate on them decuples.


Cue headlines about record numbers of 36 y.o.s moving back in with their parents

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