Spanish nuns playing basketball in quarantine

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Must be hard when both teams are wearing the same uniform.

Maybe they should play habits vs hairs.


But some wear black, some (ok, one) wear white … Maybe that’s the teams?

At least some of those nuns were playing netball (with backboards).

This one’s got skills (the Garda isn’t bad either)


I wondered that when I saw them stopping dead when they caught the ball.


They did not seem to be observing the six-feet apart rule.

Bill Walton calling the nun game.

Ha, am I the only one who saw the gorilla walk across the court?


With that lack of defense, they’re obviously skipping college and going straight to the NBA.

This is some of the worst nun basketball I’ve seen in years. I expect better from the country that gave us Pau Gasol and the religion that gave us, I don’t know, Kerry Kittles for example.

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Aww, that’s really cute. And I like how they—hey, my wallet’s gone!


Two comments:

  1. That first nun is my type of nun.
  2. Nuns suck at basketball.

In north London parks I’ve seen football matches in between teams of Hasidic Jews, I’ve spent some time trying to figure out the visual distinction between the teams, but not spotted any.
They seem to know the difference though.

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