Spanish politicians hacked, Spain has been NSO Group client for 5 years: Report

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Of course it was the Spanish government. Spain have a verified deep state run by ultra-nationalist, crooks, and francoist composed largely by police, intelligence officers and judges. We call them “Las Cloacas del Estado” (The State Sewers). They work spying on separatist and left wing politicians, their co-workers and families and charge good amounts of money right wing political parties to spill dirt or make up shit on their enemies.
It is a well oiled industry: the police officer gets contacted by a right wing party to attack a rival politician, the intelligence officer search for dirt on the politician, if there is no dirt the intelligence officer contact a foreign asset to forge it (usually Venezuelan expats living in Florida), the police officer “leaks” the information to loyal journalist (who also get paid) to publish it creating a scandal, the friendly judge accepts the flimsy made-up evidences to charge the politician, for months said politicians has to spend most of his time defending himself waiting for the trial, the judicial process can take years and only finish when an European court decides that the Spanish court decision was unconstitutional or contrary to law. The intelligence officer gets a fat check, the police officer gets a promotion, the judge gets onto the Supreme Court, the journalist gets his own newspaper funded on Government money, the rival politician gets fucked and the foreign asset gets thrown in a ditch and forgotten.
Rinse and repeat.


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