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I would say that shock is a big over-reaction to painted toenails. I would probably laugh out loud and tell them to get out more. I feel badly for people who stress over such little details, and wonder how they can handle real challenges in life.


Wow, that’s a shit-looking website. The booze is pretty though. I wonder how much R&D and carcinogens that took.


This is just “prettysparkly” rather than “prettysparkly that other people disapprove of”, but:

Just before I headed out on this trip…

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…I noticed a bit of work done by an artist friend-of-a-friend. It was just too appropriate, so I had to have it:

It’s a glass bead pendant, about an inch long, named “Halfway out of the dark”. It just sits in a box in a drawer, but I take it out every now and then to remember.


That looks like somebody melted down a bunch of d20s in a Minecraft smeltery. What on Earth is in it?


“Renke, your handwriting is unusable as mode of communication”.

My German teacher* in 10th to 11th grade. I would love to have a readable writing, but it’s automagically encrypted…

* an excellent teacher, I owe him


I paint my toenails in the summer because open toed shoes, but a couple summers ago, my son decided he wanted his done, too, in the same color. But I despise pink to the point of scorn, and off he went with lime green, turquoise, bright orange, or purple, depending what I felt like using that week. My SO got in on it for a while, too, but he wanted sparkly black. So I went out and got some sparkly black for him. No one ever acted too shocked in front of him, or gave him any guff about it, though, because he’s friggin’ burly.

Paint your toes any damned color you want. If other people have a problem with it, it’s their problem, not yours. Fuck 'em for judging you.


Well, I have the advantage of being (with the teeny tiny exception of the nail painting) a het-cis male. People don’t really bother me about it exactly. I just notice them looking. The only people who actually make remarks are people who are cool with it or otherwise not very judgmental. I don’t usually wear open-toed sandals (or sandals) for that matter, though, so it’s not something that I really have a lot of experience with either way.


I think that they’re probably thinking, “Huh. Male millenials are painting their toenails now. Now I can paint mine!”


I had my toenails painted once, after a pedicure a friend bought me. I could take or leave the color, but the pedicure was niiice.


If you’re a het-cis male, some choices of appearance (i.e. painted toenails) are effectively social filters that sift out the closed-minded. Particularly contra-normative appearances (wearing a dress) function as both this excluding filter as well as dowsing rod for the incredibly open-minded.

To date, I’ve cared waaaay too much about what others think of me to veer outside the prescribed norm.

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