Speaker Mike Johnson defends guns without background checks in new NRA ad (video)

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Ah, yes. The freedom to be gunned down by some random asshole. Wonderful.


This video exists only as pushback against all the sane people who demand gun control. So keep pushing! Make them whine and cry for their stupid guns!


The good news is that, outside far-right circles (including the GOP), the NRA doesn’t have the general clout it used to enjoy. It’s been thoroughly exposed as nothing more than a corrupt industry lobbying organisation that’s been led by racists since at least 1977. Even ammosexuals who once parroted and cited the NRA’s talking points in Boing Boing comments have distanced themselves.

Johnson might as well be endorsed by the tobacco industry for following one of its policies (and who will be surprised if he’s done exactly that at some point).


I don’t think they propose the free distribution of weapons to anyone who wants to take them, as that would be socialism.


the House MAGA leader says, confused on what the term “freedom” really means.

I’d really love to get these guys under some mythical truth serum and ask them, exactly, what type of society they really want, and this plague of gun violence really aligns with what they want in their heart of hearts. Because I can’t imagine, in the quiet place of their souls, which they try to shout down, that they know this is OK, that this society they’ve caused to exist, is what they really want for themselves and their children.


The United States finally died the day Republicans started to openly be pro-mass shooting… and their voters fully embraced and encouraged it. A country with half its politicians and a third of its population as members of a gun-worshiping death cult is not sustainable.


Less than 20% of the population, actually. 84% of Americans support reasonable gun control including universal background checks, mandatory insurance and an assault weapons ban.


The NRA was too dodgy and corrupt for Ollie North! :exploding_head:


I’m basing those numbers on the voting population. Lots of non-voters may claim to be in favor of gun control, but if they choose not to vote, they’ve voluntarily made themselves irrelevant.


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I wasn’t aware there was a nationwide referendum on gun control.


When your party is in the NRA’s pocket, then that is what you do.

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