Spectacular garden created from plants rescued from the compost pile


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/28/spectacular-garden-created-fro.html


That’s almost painfully uplifting! What a cool dude.


reduce, reuse, recycle, rescue, refurbish, repurpose!


Nice! And here I felt good about the (now) 40’ sugar maple I saved. I guess I have more work to do.


So what? A man’s home is his castle, amirite?


I’m more impressed that he did it all organically, and he doesn’t water, so he destroyed some gardening myths as well as racist stereotypes.


Kept expecting Edward to pop up…


I read: “(Spectacular garden created from plants) rescued from the compost pile.”

And thought: “Oh, no! MY spectacular garden was also created from plants! Will the Compost Pile come for mine next?”

Disclaimer: My spectacular garden is really not all that spectacular.


Around here the neighbours would complain, because it doesn’t look like every other garden in the neighbourhood, and that might Affect Their Property Values. I’ve had to go to bat for neighbours experimenting with native-species landscaping. They had gardens that looked a lot better than the complainers’.


It’s cool.

But please don’t make “Rescue Plants” as a phrase a thing.



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