Spectacular photos of the nutty high-powered model rocket launch scene


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From the last rocketry thread Motor sizes

There are three classes:

“Model rocketry” – Estes kits Motors up to ‘g’, IIRC.
“High power rocketry” Home built airframes, prebuilt engines H to O.
“Amateur rocketry” The sky’s the limit and sometimes not even that–if you do it right.


Where do you hang your hat? There are high power clubs in Southern California where you can see similar stuff.

Why, yes. I am a rocket nerd:

(Flickr set: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stefan_e_jones/albums/72157623884892426)


A friend who is into high-powered rocketry wrote,
“to correct the article, LDRS is NOT held at Lucerne every year. It
travels from site to site each year, like the Superbowl. It was there
this year, but it was in Potter, NY last year and in Wisconsin the year
before and, if memory serves, in Maryland the year before that.”


I went in 1990 (Hartsel, CO) and 1992 (Argonia, KS).


I get an especially large kick out of seeing these–I and my co-workers Mike and Wayne designed many of the originals back in the 60s and 70s. I still believe that the folks from Damon’s home office didn’t know good design even if it came up and kicked them in the crotch.


Mike as in Dorffler, I presume!

You should go hang on the Old Rocketry forum. We’d love to hear design stories! http://forums.rocketshoppe.com/


I must brag.

I launched a “mid power” rocket (1.6" diameter, about 30" long, F15-6 motor) today, and a small get-together launch.

A slow stable flight to I’m guessing 1000’ altitude. Descended over the crest of a hill. Walked over to find it . . .

. . . standing on its fins.


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