Speedy Stitcher - a $10 pocket size sewing machine

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This is a good product, well made and easy to use. I have had one for years and it has saved many an old piece of gear.


I agree. It can punch through lots of tough stuff, it’s extended the life of lots of gear. I found it easier to forego the little spool and just pull out the length of thread needed.


Um, it’s just an ordinary awl, and is in no way a sewing machine. Did you not know awls existed? What next? Fork! For all your food stabbing needs!


It isn’t an ordinary awl. WTFY!

(But it did take me weeks to figure it out.)

Looks great, i’ll have to pick one up. Doesn’t look at all speedy though.

The deal is that the needle has a hole in the end like sewing machine. My father used them to make holsters and knife sheaths.

I recall a rafting article about an expedition where they tore their raft and they were sure they had one of these with them, but someone didn’t pack it. However they did have one of the needles and dental floss and managed to make repairs with great difficulty. .

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A normal awl just has a spike on the end, rather than a threadable needle.
And sewing/stitching awls (cobblers make a distinction between the two, but mostly the same thing), are what sewing machines are based on.

I modified my speedy stitcher for all kinds of sewing http://youtu.be/C4-8lmcZK5w

A related-but-different item: the sewing palm. It gives you an iron plate with which to push needles through heavy material. Often used for sail repair.
Here’s one on Amazon.

There’s also something called a roping palm. I’m not sure how roping palms are different from sewing palms.


I’ve had one for years, and it’s nice and heavy so that you can really lean into it if you have to. But whenever possible, I use the double-needle saddle stitch.


What’s your point? It’s not like the stitching awl is a new development. They’ve been around for literally (and I do mean literally) hundreds of thousands of years. The earliest stitching awls found date back the Paleolithic era.

I hope this will give some of you a better understanding of, why handsewn leather is so much better and why it costs more, as it is quite time consuming, because very few are just as fast as the Hermès craftsman.


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Right. The Speedy Stitcher is useful, but you have to be careful to balance the tension on both sides of the work, so that the interlocking loops are buried in the middle of the material. This is tricky when you are sewing thin leather or canvas. With the saddle stitch, you just pull as hard as you like and still end up with a neat stitch on both sides. (The waxed nylon thread sold for the Speedy Stitcher is excellent for this, as well as for whipping rope and similar jobs.)

And to make your stitches neat and even, a thonging chisel. http://www.amazon.com/Vktech-Stainless-Steel-Chisel-Leather/dp/B00CBRMRNI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1439127009&sr=8-2&keywords=thonging+chisel

This is why I have to keep buying more toolboxes.


Is this some sort of dildo? THis is a dildo-right???

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