Spike Lee's Nike Air Jordans, worth more than $15k, found in homeless shelter donation bin

Originally published at: Nike sneakers worth $15,000 found in homeless shelter donation bin


Maybe Spike Lee is just a nice guy who figured a homeless person could use a nice pair of shoes he didn’t wear anymore?


Hatfield provided the shelter with a replacement box and a framed and signed design proof.

That’s cool; the replacement box is a very nice move.


Or they could, and I know this is a wild thought, ask Spike?


Or his crew.

The size 12.5 men’s sneakers are likely not the exact pair Lee wore when accepting Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for BlacKkKlansman, she said. The filmmaker has previously said he wears size 9.5.

But they are one of about five pairs of the custom shoes that were designed specifically for Lee and members of his inner-circle ahead of the awards show. The shoes have never been released publicly.


Ah, at last a wonderful boing thing for a weekend treat.

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So much win!

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