NFL player wears unusual furry dog cleats to support an animal shelter

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And how exactly is this supposed to help the shelter? Are the shoes auctioned after the game with proceeds going to the shelter? Does Nike, or the player, make a cash donation instead? Pretty sure that the plight of homeless pets isn’t exactly an unknown issue, so I’m not seeing how this is actually doing anything for the shelter in particular or homeless pets in general.

If you can get a pic of these kicking or stepping on Michael Vick’s groin, it would be the sports photo of the year.

Exposure to the cause, and yes, they will probably action them off for money for the shelter.

I don’t know about this player, but several of the local Chiefs have local community pet projects that they donate both time, money, and items to. I hope that is the same in this case.


I checked out their website for the first time as a result of this story. If I was in the area I would consider adopting from them.


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