Spinal Tap's $400m lawsuit against Vivendi will proceed


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That sounds like the kind of deal that his on-screen persona would have scored in an early draft of the script before Christopher Guest axed it for being too absurdist.


Exhibit A:


Big Bottom…Line!


Vivendi wouldn’t have even tried this if the Tap hadn’t lost their manager Ian and his cricket bat.


Spinal Tap’s $400m lawsuit against Vivendi will proceed

Huh, that really surprises me. Spinal Tap’s music is nothing like Vivaldi’s.


He stole their music, and then mangled it beyond recognition? That’s terrible!



And I don’t see why it’s only Spinal Tap suing him, when he stole from so many others too. :thinking:


When you do deals with the devil (ie,Hollywood)…


(wording above was pulled from the Rolling Stone article)

US District Court judge, the Honorable Dolly Gee

or something like that would be better. The court itself isn’t Dolly Gee. Also, I’m not gonna say what you’re already thinking when you scratch your chin and read that name.


I wish them luck. There is a lot of payments to Drummer widows needed to make things right.


Frankie Valli, for starters.


I seriously hope this goes all the way to a victory for Shearer et al, and isn’t settled out of court like Art Buchwald’s lawsuit over “Coming to America”, so many decades ago.

Hollywood accounting is a problem for artists everywhere.


I believe it’s spelled “Da Honorable Ali G.”


One way Vivendi may have underestimated Shearer: he’s now worth $65M. Rob Reiner may have less skin in the game but could also back the lawsuit for considerably more. It’s a bummer that the fraud contention was rejected, since the whole point of the suit is that this is what’s done in the accounting offices of recording and film industries all day, every day.


One wonders if one could get away with not paying taxes if you registered enough corporations on paper, and distributed your salary across them all in increments of the lowest possible tax bracket.


Look at Mr. Fat Cat over here, complaining about how hard life is while he rolls around on a bed made of $179 every night.



Remember, Return of the Jedi never turned a profit.


Apparently their royalty checks didn’t even go to $11


On a side note, Harry Shearer has a pretty great weekly podcast.