Spongebob as a scary monster

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There is a sort of sub genera of horror based around finding the horror or reimagining classic children shows or comics as horror, mostly in the style of weird or cosmic horror. Like a mashing up of Cthulhu plus something soft, fluffy, and banal.

Source: A small clipping of a comic found at StillInTheSimulation.com by Austin/The Simulation, c2020 (best guess), via Reddit, site has similar pop-up adds to Boingboing

See also versions Garfield horror on Reddit’s r/ImSorryJon . You’ll hate Mondays after reading.

From time to time Sponge Bob has been self-referential and meta when it notes the horror of the deep and the real world. For instance, when Mrs. Puff is asked about what happened to her husband, a short shot of a sea side tchotchke shop with her husband as a lamp I think.

I like these lo-fi The imaginations of media that is considered wholesome. I think the pitch of Moral Oral, a play on Davey and Goliath, started out this way.

I’m sure that the Hollywood entertainment machine will turn many of our childhood loves, or adult ones, into new dark gritty media during some reboot. I’m waiting for Rainbow Bright and Strawberry Shortcake to team up on Murky and Peculiar Purple Pieman as they fight against the harassment of minors by adults, in particular old men who feel they need to control every aspect of young women’s lives. Or maybe it will just be an after school special with ℬ▎▋▋▋ Pudding.

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