Sponsor shout-out: ShanaLogic's solar system necklace

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Don’t get it wet? Seriously? That, and the lack of size relativitity for the planets make this a fail in my book.

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Hi! I own Shana Logic and the “don’t get wet” instructions are because it is handmade and even though the planets are sealed, we want your necklace to last a super duper long time - it’s an amazing piece! <3 Sorry about the size relativity - not sure what to say about that one :wink:


I call fake, Jupiter is much bigger than that.


(Please take this with tongue firmly, stoutly planted in cheek)

Personally, I can’t believe the orbits aren’t realistically portrayed! When I want a planet based necklace it must be the size of a football field!

(It is really quite gorgeous)


Hand made… in china…


Well Chinese hands are still hands, you know. It’s not as if they have hooves or pincers.


Oh don’t get me wrong, I love Alibaba/Aliexpress, I buy from them all time.
China deserves sales too. Just don’t pretend its “indie” is all.


And - whatever you do - don’t feed it after midnight!


Hi Shana,

Why does making it by hand make it less resistant to water?

Hi! That is a horrible copy of the handmade one that I sell. This makes me sad because I hate factories that make yucky copies of lovely designs that my artists and designers work so hard to make!! Lucky for me, that copy doesn’t really look very nice :wink:

My comment about size relativity was just because I think it would be better that way. The big planets in the centre and tapering towards each side, but in a non-uniform and interesting way. The planets displayed in a line by size is a very recognizable and significant pattern. Without the size, these are just patterned coloured beads.

Hi there! The images under the glass are sealed but they aren’t factory sealed so if you got them really wet (I mean shower wet), it might leak under the glass and ruin the image :slight_smile: Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

No, doesn’t make sense, not really. What does “factory sealed” actually mean, other than “sealed in a factory”? What process do they have access to that you don’t? (Sorry, just replied to wrong post)

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I’ll agree that the Chinese one doesn’t look as well made.

I don’t think it looks all that different, Sandra’s photos are better though, that is true.
Good luck to you and your artists, I’ve followed you for a loooong time. :wink:

The little loops that join the trinkets to the main chain are better on Shana’s version, although neither are soldered/brazed closed. The Chinese bezels don’t look as nice either.


I buy bezels and glass cabs from China all the time. And they’re great. Honestly I have settings just like this. Looking at this designers Etsy shop… well, its almost entirely findings from China, not that theres anything wrong with that, I buy findings from Aliexpress too. (I’m not 100% convinced its not the same, can you tell? ;p)

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They’re either the same or someone is copying someone. Shana’s look a bit better to my eye. But who knows? Anyway, as for solar system necklaces, coloured glass beads in relative size is my preference to these pictures behind glass.

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I say making a special exception only for Pluto is unfair to the other 26 former planets.