Spooky music video for the song "Are We Still Married" directed by The Quay Brothers

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I love this song and video…

Bill And Ted 80S GIF by IFC


“Are We Still Married”

Or as my Dear Wife says “The Date That Never Ends”, gosh she’s a keeper.


I can’t recommend their films highly enough. Street of Crocodiles changed my life.

The story is that Ivo Watts gave the Quays their choice of any song in the 4A.D. catalogue.


Some years back, a work colleague invited us to a Halloween Night screening of scary stuff, put on, I think, by the UCLA school of theater, film, and tv. He’s a UCLA engineering graduate and gained entrance to the event thereby. The showing included excerpts from many different sources. The audience was well into it. One example: An excerpt from The Nightmare Before Christmas (This Is Halloween) drew a huge collective “Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!” of disappointment from the audience when the scene was cut short at the end of the song. Another example: Street of Crocodiles (which I had seen many times before). The excerpt included the pocket watch’s back popping off to show the (rancid?) meat. The audience: “Bllllllaaaaaawwwwwwhdeffkfioif!!!” They were totally disgusted. Me? I laughed my ass off.


Ivo: “Do you like the Pixies? Good, they are funding your first video.” (from a first hand account)

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Both Mute and 4AD seems like they lucked out to have a few artists who hit it big (DM and Erasure for Mute and Pixies, maybe Throwing Muses for 4AD) that allowed them to have all sorts of interesting artists do the kind of music that they wanted to do…

But I think 4AD was really just a vehicle to allow Ivo to do This Mortal Coil…

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Try to watch their Institute Benjamenta, it’s a really wonderful, kafkian movie


Ivo had(has still I imagine) plenty of money to start with. The whole label was just stuff he thought was cool, marketability was further down the list. His Name is Alive is exhibit A for the ‘Didn’t care much about making his money back as long as it interested him’ argument. At any rate, the man has just the right kind of beautifully strange taste that facilitated the creation of this video so I am grateful for that.

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I recognized their animation style right away, though I hadn’t seen this video in decades. The haunting music and dream landscape struck deep into me like a fork.

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I was just coming here to post this! Great song and video

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