Sports hall roof collapses during game


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Nothing like seeing those in peak physical condition and with a team mentality running for their lives. Way to escape danger en masse, boys.


Yeah, I was at a high school field hockey game when some idiot kid pulled a gun* and the celerity the teams showed exiting the field was awe-inspiring. The parents stampeding off the giant metal bleachers, not so impressive.

* fake gun, but reported in the newspapers &etc. as real, and the penalties in my state are the same for fakes as for real guns anyway.


25cm of new snow perhaps doesn’t weigh too much, but if it then starts to rain and it gets saturated with water it weighs a lot. We had a flat-roofed building (warehouse or factory IIRC) collapse here in Vancouver a few years back. Snow, then rain.


Something similar happened years ago in Hartford, CT:

The Hartford incident appears to have been a more complete collapse, but the two roofs seem (at least superficially) to have a similar design.


Their coach was quoted after the incident: “I knew those f*ers could run faster, all it took was the right motivation!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My week is complete.

I have seen the word “celerity” in use, correctly and appropriately.

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You can see the trusses failing sequentially at the center of the bottom chord. That would seem to be consistent with roof overloading, although the video doesn’t show the initial failure point, which could have been something else that then left these trusses with too much load to support.


Nonsense! The trusses were wrapped with thermite…everybody knows snow does not burn hot enough to melt steel!


I shit myself, thanks BB.



I suspect a polymorphed dragon.



I was thinking he probably knew there was something up with the roof since all week they had been practicing the play “get the fuck out fast!”


Dang! I was certain that it meant a stalk of celery’s essential celeryness.


I like how the kid trapping net that deployed failed to trap any kids.


I tried to find the place in google maps. There are three vocational schools in Česká Třebová, and one is so small, it’s obviously not the place. This map and this map show the other two, but the satmap is either too old to show the new construction, or it’s not immediately obvious to me which building it is. Maybe someone might have some better luck.


Sometimes it really sucks to be the goalie.


Something very similar happened in Germany in Bad Reichenhall

15 people died. In that case the roof was overloaded with snow.

There is a reason why in the mountains people clear snow from their roofs, literally sweep it off.


I wonder if celerity salt would go well on a Chicago style hotdog.