Spotify expected to pay out $150M less to musicians after new price increase

OMG, I remember all that… that was YOU!!! LOL!!!

I’m a fan, and I agree it was not a great poem…

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At around $1 a pop for a secondhand CD, I truly struggle to believe that.

Or is your point that music should both be free and pay the artist…?

Artists don’t get any money at all from secondhand sales, so why waste the dollar if i can pirate it and attend a show if an affordable one passes through?

music should be “free” in the open source sense, and it’s my belief that streaming services offer a way for folks to give money, and more importantly, analytics (play counts) to artists.

i’m into electronic music – i’ve seen some niche artists uses a decent playcount on spotify to get bookings for tours, which can bring in money from gate + merch.

secondhand sales give them nothing. piracy gives them nothing. and events are often not possible unless you live in a big, major city like NYC, LA, Paris, London

also, on my end, one reason i was drawn to piracy (and being a hacker, and being “online” in general) is i had little money and little physical security. i’ve had multiple points in my life i lost all or nearly all my physical posessions. when you’re jumping from place to place, movig every year or every semester, you can’t lug around big tubs of cds/dvds

(and if you leave them at home, your abusive family won’t respect your property – i have many childhood games, consoles, legos and the like that were put out for pennies on the dollar to the parish rummage sale because they were “taking up space” in a mcmansion)

OK, so you want something that will never exist. Feel free to continue venting.

I think multiple models can co-exist.

So, some ppl will never pay. Some will be weird hipsters who think everyone should take the subway to brooklyn even if they live in flyover country, and in the middle – ppl willing to donate 10 a month to be divided amongst those they stream.

it’s imperfect, but the alternative is they get nothing.

Haha yup, that was me! And to be clear, I have no problem with her music itself — I’ve even enjoyed a few tunes here and there! — it’s mostly just the narcissism that drives me up the wall. (Plus that time I saw her in Cabaret at the ART and she had to auto-tune her live vocals and I was seated next to Diane Paulus and had to be on my best behavior.)


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Of course, it’s not like the music industry isn’t hurting for narcissists… :grin:

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Hanging with the fancy set! :grin: Good on you!

I’ve actually always said that of the two of them, Brian Viglione is a better musician than AFP… He always blows me away when I see them… I make sure I’m on his side of the stage, cause I just love watching him play… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: He’s an absolutely adorable drumming nerd.

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