Spotify threatens to report Apple to competition regulators over App Store rejection

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Hey Cory - where did you cut and paste that info from? It’s not Ios, it’s iOS. Also, I don’t think the “jailbreak” discussion was relevant.

It’s iOS according to the marketing dept. of Apple maybe, because they would love columnists to break grammatical conventions and essentially put a logo in every textual story about their product.

It’s a product name. First letter should be capitalized. Ios. Cory’s absolutely right, and I believe this has been covered before on Boing Boing.


No, the proper name is “iOS” actually. Whinge if you want but it is true.

A proper name is a proper name.


Yes, Cory has been very vocal about his refusal to type brand names or product names as they actually exist, due to his belief that using the same capitalization as the actual product is somehow giving them free advertising. It’s an odd belief that he’s entitled to, even if it makes him grammatically incorrect and his stories read like they were badly edited after being cut-and-pasted.


Interestingly, the original version of this story on Recode included quotes from Spotify complaining (and I paraphrase) that Apple was preventing them from being able to properly compensate the musicians they represent.

Those quotes are now gone; I’m not sure if someone realized how laughable it was for a company in the middle of lawsuits for repeatedly lying about how much they pay their musicians (if at all) to whine about not being able to give people money.


I’m not sure how apple is even allowed to call something “ios”, since there was already an operating system called “ios” before the iphone even existed, cisco’s “ios” router and switch operating system.

I also don’t understand how apple can disallow third-party apps on their device. If I buy a computer, I expect to be able to download and install compatible executables from any source I choose.


bell hooks and Apple apparently disagree, tho.


It’s also an acronym for idevice operating system. And therefore typing it in all caps is the correct style.

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And that same company (Cisco) was also making iPhones long before Apple.

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“Allowed?” Allowed by whom?

One assumes that Cisco has a deal with them over the name. Feel free to encourage Cisco to sue over a trademark though.

It is called an end user agreement. While I tend to agree, if you buy an iOS device, you know that you can only install Apple approved apps. If you don’t like it, don’t buy the device.

If @doctorow’s efforts bear fruit, this may change, but it is clearly the state of things at this point and has been for as long as they’ve had apps.

I didn’t realize this would be the “recycle tired bitchy arguments about Apple” thread.

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Holy amateur copy editors, Batman!

I bet your own site is just flawless, right?

Also, welcome to boing boing.


Probably because Apple licensed the name from them in 2010. Cisco had also sued over the use of iPhone when it was first released and Cisco and Apple settled out of court a short time later.

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Humans have proper names. Corporations have logos.


bell hooks is a human. Apple is a corporation. They get different consideration.


For a general purpose computer, maybe yes. Idevices (and smartphones in general) are not general purpose computers, they are computing appliances. Accept this truth and you will be much happier that the manufacturer places restrictions on the device so that it it very hard to infect it with viruses or malware.

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You know what… fair enough. I can see that argument.


and software?

That said, if it isn’t an autocorrect error and you are making an explicit personal decision to spell it that way, it’s your blog, man.

I’m actually ok at this point with Apple not allowing third party apps when I knowingly choose that devices. Unlike my Android devices, my iPhone is under very little risk from malware because it isn’t rooted or jailbroken and all apps are required to be signed. I used to complain about this but after watching the Android security horror show, I made my peace.

I am a security professional who has to deal with this sort of thing every day for my work. @doctorow won’t recognize this 'nym but he knows me at Mozilla. :slight_smile:


Not to speak for Cory, but I notice quite a lot of the same sort of brand-name ‘normalization’ in the British press; they routinely spell acronyms as proper nouns (“Nasa”; “Nato”) and I’ve seen some of the same sort of disregard for intercaps and such (“Ebay”, “Youtube”). Not sure if his time there spurred that thinking.