This dump of Iphone-cracking tools shows how keeping software defects secret makes everyone less secure


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The dump reveals that Cellebrite seemingly repackages untested and unaudited jailbreaking tools as lawful interception products and sells them to repressive regimes.

This seems entirely proper.


::squints eyes::

I’m not sure who the bad guy is here…


Gratuitous DRM reference thrown in? Check.


And he still can’t spell iPhone or iOS correctly.


No honor among thieves!


Or he’s resisting the idiotic lowercase-first-letter naming convention spawned by aPple.

Vive La Résistance!!!

(I’ve hated that for years in case it isn’t obvious enough.)


Yes, he is. Cory’s spoken many times about his refusal to write brand names in the style they customarily appear in, because he feels it’s giving a product free advertising.

I don’t care: it’s incorrect.


It’s probably hard to stop the substitution once you get started down that road.

For instance I have the most amazingly difficult time saying “President Drumpf” correctly. Damn! I did it again!

“President turmpf” Nope
"Persident Trumble" Nope
"President Douche" Yay! I got it right that time! Er…Oops.

(Yeah, I know, childish of me. What can you do?).


That seems awfully silly to me. “Oh I’m not advertising because I call the iPhone an ‘Iphone’. See? Totally different!”


The letters are in the right order. Capitalization is not part of spelling, but rather part of grammar or, in this case, branding.

Edited to add: I’m not saying it’s not silly, but then i also think it’s silly to care so much about Cory doing it.


Not a single one of those sound like the correct one: President Bannon.


Silly me to care about spelling things properly, I know.


According to the article Cory’s cited as his source, this same dump of cracking tools also seems to have exploits for Blackberries, Samsung phones, and others.

It’s interesting that Cory chooses to only mention the aPple exploits. (Look, I’m not giving them free advertisement! Activism for the win!)


I bet he lowercases e e cummings and bell hooks and danah boyd according to their preferences.


afaik this was only done by his publishers, he used the form “E. E. Cummings”


Well i don’t know about @doctorow, but i have a tendency to respect human beings’ preferences* more than those of multinational corporations.

* Noting @renke’s comment, i will try to start remembering to capitalize that particular poets name.


Nah, he only does it for Apple stuff. He was shilling something a couple weeks ago, I forget what, but it followed the same convention, and he had no problem with it.


And yet my browser auto substituted all that as ‘el president fuckwit.’


I want that browser plugin!!!