This dump of Iphone-cracking tools shows how keeping software defects secret makes everyone less secure

It’s a Cory trope for sure :slight_smile: but I think it was invoked in a valid way, even if it was kind of a throw away line.

For practical purposes I consider the capitalization of proper nouns to be a matter of correct spelling, as words mean different things depending on whether they are capitalized, eg. God, god; President, president; Trump, trump. Thus if you use the wrong case you have misspelled the word. Whether to capitalize the beginning of a sentence would be grammar.

But if you want to be truly “correct”, you could call capitalization issues orthography.

IANAEM - I am not an English Major.


It’s not made entirely clear by Cory or the Motherboard article, but these leaked tools only work on iOS 8 or lower, and only on devices without a Secure Enclave (iPhone 5C or older.)

If Cellebrite claims to have tools that can crack up to iOS 9.3, again, it seems they are ripping off jailbreaks because until a few days ago that was the newest available. By now they can probably crack iOS 10, depending on the device. However, it doesn’t matter if they can break into the OS, they aren’t getting access to the data without giving the SE proper authentication, and the SE enforces the lockout times and cryptographic key wipe after too many retries.

The San Bernadino phone was a 5C running iOS8. Anything newer is safe from their tools. Good Guy Apple.

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Apart from the jailbreaks, which rely on DRM to drive their existence and lack of investigation/fixing. Cue the pearl-clutchers who follow Doctorow around complaining about “inaccuracies” that are more due to the entire textbooks of explanations he leaves out of his articles. Perhaps he needs some boilerplate at the end of his articles: “Lacunae are left to readers as an an exercise.”

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