Spotify's new privacy policy lets it collect everything on your phone

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Just uninstalled. Thanks for posting.

As I recall, Spotify was the app that kept trying over and over and over and over and over and over to get Facebook access when I installed it, making it difficult to get to the configuration page where you can disable letting it post on Facebook. Or some such fairly annoying thing that led me to choose a different streaming service.

Sounds really crappy, but isn’t that pretty much a standard clause every app has these days? Not that I wouldn’t like to see things going in the other direction.

Most apps can access local files for things like picking your avatar, and your contacts for sharing a song - they’re not saying theyre going to scrape your device for all it’s data, but that at times it will need access to that data.

Happy to be corrected!


According to this that may be the case, but if so they’ve done it in a cack-handed fashion.

Couldn’t you just disable access to those in the apps settings in the OS? Assuming you’re on either an iPhone or and Android capable of running the Marshmallow preview or Cyanogen?


That’s a nice combination of missing the point and not practical to expect.


Well, there are some app permission managers out there…

Sort of. I mean yes, in the Settings app on the iPhone you can disallow access, but there’s not enough granularity to really pick and choose what a single app is allowed to use.

But even if there was that granularity it wouldn’t work, because most apps freak the fuck out if you shut off their access. They either demand access with non-stop popups begging to be turned back on or refuse to perform its function until you restore what it wants.

When I got my Galaxy Note 6 - facebook and instragram wanted permission to read everything, and to be able to delete the contents of my SD, uh, no thanks.


Thought. What about hacking the JVM they run under? So they could be provided with fakes of whatever they demand?

Another week, another privacy scare story.

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Ahh spotify who for awhile was facebook account login only. I was even going to be a paying customer at the recommendation of friends but sent them email that said ‘hey i will give you money but i won’t get a facebook account just to use your service’ they mailed back with a ‘we think facebook integration is the future’ so yeah fuck em. They have since done away with facebook required but too late.


No Way! Looks like you don’t wanna be touching this thing at all…

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