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The trick to rattle can projects [primer the metal too] is light coats and 2000 - 3000 grit wet sanding between applications. Helps to have zero wind and or a covered area, I painted many a car/motorcycle this way with decent/passable results. $1.00 cans back in the day, and you could find 3 for a buck at discount places, those were the days.


Watching Project Farm videos is like meditation for me, the repetitive nature of the images and narration lull me into watching the entire video, even if it is watching paint dry :slight_smile:

The testing methods are often quite comprehensive and very useful for determining purchases.


Watched the whole thing and, as usual, I’m exhausted.


Milinocket (n.)

The thing that rattles around inside an aerosol can.

– Adams,/Lloyd, The Deeper Meaning of Liff


I watched this when it first came out. In real time, both Rustoleums seemed particularly good in a “you get what you pay for” sense. Valspar also seemed solid. But at the end, he also said he liked the Seymour on properly-prepared surfaces, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. So not every expensive one was a bad value.

At any rate, I really like the Project Farm test videos. They’re a combination of geeky, relaxing, smart, informative, and a little quirky that speaks right to me. And I have to give BoingBoing the credit for introducing me.


Interesting video.
I have some metal outdoor furniture (table and chairs) that I am getting ready to repaint. Initially, they were a garage sale find, super solid and when originally brought home were an ugly tan color. I did basically nothing to them to prep (I know, I know) other than clean really well, then used Rustoleum 2X gloss in cobalt blue like 10 years ago. They have held up very well considering they were in the harsh sun for a long time, but have some chipping. My wife wants them painted flat black now. They will not be in the sun anymore. Will be repainting them with Rustoleum 2X again because it’s hard to beat the under 5 dollar/can price/quality ratio.

Watched the whole thing and there is no way I an going to retain the differences between 2X and Pro versions of Rustoleum. I should probably wait for the 3X Tactical Vanta version.


I dunno. I tried them all and they all tasted awful.


Great. Now please, for the love of god, do deck stains!

I’m from East Millinocket! I wonder how the name made its way to Adams/Loyd. Weird.

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The short answer is retsina/ouzo.

You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.


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