Spread the Love Fundraiser Thread

In order to put them in a central place, I’m starting a thread dedicated to helping out with certain causes…funerals, hospitalization, and other calls for assistance.

Please don’t use this thread for sales or self-dealing. Let’s keep others who need our help in mind when posting.


I’m going to kick off the thread with a quick request for help for my friends from Ghana who are living and working in Mexico.

My fellow renter Daniel’s friend Farouk died this week from COVID-19 complications while quarantining after he was advised to travel back to Ghana. His fellow countrymen are trying to raise at least $3000 to pay his bills and claim the body from the mortuary, I assume to transport his body back home.

I have met Farouk before, and he was doing the usual thing of living and working in Tijuana with his green card. Black Africans are particularly vulnerable to racism in Mexico, having to take the most menial jobs for very little pay, and for practicing the Muslim faith. I have been trying to help Daniel for a few months, supplementing his pay with a little extra cash and material goods when he needs something.

The group are trying to raise the money immediately, so I’m taking the intermediate step of giving them cash in lieu of pledges if I can be reimbursed soon. I have given $100 already, and received a $50 donation so far, but I will likely give some more if needed.

Thank you in advance for any help you may give.



Daniel and Farouk’s friends have met their goal. Daniel will go and pay the mortuary tomorrow, and Farouk will be buried in Tijuana.

Thanks to everyone who could help. Daniel thanks you and says, “God bless!”


An online friend of mine is raising money to begin his transition. They’re a Twitch streamer, covering Leftist politics, gaming, and Irish history… and a great person too! If you have a little extra in your wallet, please consider helping out, as the NHS wait list is years long, and with enough cash, they can start sooner.

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