Crowdfunding money to rebuild destroyed Montana family health clinic


It appears one has to have a credit card to make a donation. :frowning:

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I checked the link, but I can’t find an answer anywhere… so…

Is this sort of thing not covered by insurance? Just curious.


Indiegogo also supports PayPal, if that better suits you.

I bet the clinic would be happy to provide an address to mail a personal check to, if that’s your only option.

Whatever you do, don’t start shoving bills into the CD tray of your PC. I’ve learned the hard way that that helps no one.


[quote=“girard, post:4, topic:25824, full:true”]Whatever you do, don’t start shoving bills into the CD tray of your PC. I’ve learned the hard way that that helps no one.[/quote]As a professional computer repair technician, I have to respectfully disagree with you.

(…and will be sending you my business card.)


I’m not sure about your question, but I can surmise that receiving donations from people around the country has a bigger impact than just the money to replace the replaceable stuff. It will also have the effect of letting the clinic know that there are supporters and decent people, too.

By the way, I just made small donation.


That’s probably an important effect in that these thugs want to make anyone working at the health center feel isolated and threatened. Publicizing their actions and helping to pay for repairs shows the health center workers that they aren’t alone and the thugs that they are.


I went and had another check and found this, “This campaign has been designated nonprofit and can only receive contributions via credit card.” So it looks like no Pay Pal on this one.

What’s a CD tray?


A rural populist movement that hates doctors and teachers? What are they, the Khmer Rouge?

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Just a guess, here, but I would go out on a limb and say that insurance maybe covers the damage to the building and professional equipment, but not the stuff that was on loan, the personal effects, or the salaries of those who are out of work. Minus deductables.

Again, I’m just speculating here. I’ve got no real experience in the matter.

He means the cup-holder. RTFM!

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Just to be clear. If you read the updates, the money isnt really going to rebuild the clinic. It is to pay the bills from the damages. She states she does not know if she will ever reopen the clinic. A bit misleading. Still glad to see the support however.

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