Gentleman needs $10K after breaking both legs filming YouTube stunt


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I can’t watch those vids because my mirror neurons work too well or something, but I hope he doesn’t have Obamacare, ‘cuz that would make him some sorta double-dog daredevil, with Paul Ryan itchin’ to gut it ASAP.

Paul Ryan: talk about a tough guy! He gets healthcare paid for by the public, and this week looks pre-orgasmic at the prospect of being able to take health care away from me and other “poors.”

But back to Stuntman Dude: $10K is steep…and daredeviltry isn’t a pre-existing condition, is it?


$112,200 according to his funding page.


You’d have to be even more stupid than he is if you sent him any money.


I went to go grab him some money out of my wallet, but I missed…


We all need investors to fund the consequences of our stupidity…


Can’t wait for his up-coming appearance on Dancing With the Stars!. It’ll be rad!


I am not going to reward this man for being an idiot.


Does he explain somewhere why his health insurance doesn’t cover it? Not that I like idea of the rest of us paying for his stupidity but he should be covered, right?

Or do insurance plans have fine print that exempt the company from covering “risky” behavior (which could be problematic in general)?

Ok, what I’m really trying to find out is whether he’s one of those asshole twenty somethings that complained about compulsory health insurance because “Hey, I never get sick!”

But even if he did feel that way that wouldn’t free him from his obligation to buy health insurance so I guess my original questions still stand.


How much does a new President cost?


Looks like he came up about 2 feet short…


On the one hand, I think that this person’s injuries should be covered by universal health care. If he lived in Canada, I would be very okay with my tax dollars going to heal him up.

On the other hand, while ending up in a bad situation and being helped out of it by the kindness of strangers is heartwarming, doing something risky without universal healthcare or appropriate insurance, knowing that if something goes wrong, you’ll need to rely on the kindness of strangers to get you out of it, is a major douche move.


My health insurance has a deductible of $10,000. I’d guess that’s a lot less than a double leg surgery and a few days in the hospital. [knocks on wood]


They say stupid hurts…


And if that happens to be your line of work then you have to get a special rider which usually costs an arm and a leg, (this guy obviously negotiated for two legs instead).


Well, he doesn’t need my money, because the lesson he’s learned from his calamity is far, far more valuable.


Looks like the gentleman is $112,200 worth of stupid, plus whatever Youtube revenue adds up to.


Next time: jump head first.


Next time just go to a loan shark. At least they give you the money BEFORE breaking your legs.


Strange that this never occurred to me before but now I’m going to worry about how insurance companies classify “risky” behavior that they won’t cover.

An idiot jumping off of roofs into pools and posting it to YouTube seems obvious and understandable but what about skydiving or skiing? Or playing touch football in an uneven front yard when you’re over 40? I’d like to see the language they use to describe what activities they don’t cover.