Alabama Rep Mo Brooks [R] says sick people don't deserve health care

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Republicans, of course, do not drink, do not smoke, and always drive their cars carefully. They do not engage in sex with prostitutes, they remember to use 50-factor sunscreen whenever the sun shines or they get too close to the Trump hairpiece, and they never take up anti-science positions on public health issues.

The 80% of cancers that seem to arise completely randomly and are not associated with any known environmental factors other than living on a planet subject to cosmic ray bombardment and loaded with viruses? They’re a sign that you have offended your deity.


fucking barbarian - will be mocked for sure circa stardate 2417.5 or whenever - look in wikipedia3000 under: bloodletting, persistence of belief in

now off to my NHS appointment - for free! - it’s a privilege to pay taxes in a civilised land


I think Corey managed to undersell with the headline this time, because this guy managed to imply having cancer is the fault of the patient.


I’ll bear this advice in mind when I next speak with my nephew who has had Type 1 diabetes since he was eight. He really should have taken better care of himself, although to date nobody knows what causes it.

I’ll also bear in mind the young woman who had just graduated from University and was looking for work in 2009 (and of course she should have been employed, no matter the economic conditions) and was at the gym with a friend’s guest pass working out when a man broke in and started shooting. She now has a number of pre-existing conditions that will make her insurance more expensive for the rest of her life. I’m sure the Representative can give us some sage advice on what she should have done to avoid that problem.

Shall we also talk about people who are injured by drunk drivers? Or is this a complete waste of breath and time?


Are we just ignoring what he’s saying after minute one? He’s revising that exact statement that pre-existing conditions are self inflicted and says most people are not at fault and need help.

It still remains a mystery how it will be decided if your type 1 diabetes was self-inflicted.


I want to get on a plane to this animal’s district, and go around to all the sick people there and play this quote to them.

Right before election day.

Are we just ignoring what he’s saying after minute one? He’s revising that exact statement that pre-existing conditions are self inflicted and says most people are not at fault and need help.

Given the way these animals twisted every thing that Obama said, I am not inclined to give him any charity. That first part should be played out of context ad nauseum until election day.



I live in his district. Believe me, it wouldn’t help.


To the surprise of no one.


I think the obvious answer is she should have had a handgun with her during her workout. I’m almost positive that will be the R response.


This, dishonest reporting, is what makes people believe “mainstream media” is on the same level as or lower than Breitbart. It’s what f’d your election last year.


Not most. Some sick people deserve coverage at the healthy rate. And who, I wonder, shall make this life-or-death determination? Not Big Government, that’s for sure. I know! Let’s have the insurance companies do it, surely they have the know-how! Worked out fine up til 2009, right?

The ACA is a 3-legged stool:

  • Non-discrimination
  • Guaranteed issue
  • Individual mandate

Removing any of these makes the whole thing come tumbling down. The surprise is that this time they’re chipping away at the non-discrimination clause, which is ont of the act’s most popular provisions. If they just killed the mandate, they could destroy the market just as effectively, and somehow make it Obama’s fault. Who’s making up the strategy here?


Help your fellow man…as long as they don’t require help.


The asshole comment followed by the “clarification” is part of the game plan. The goal is to say what they mean and then point to all the technicalities after the fact.

Making a massively inflammatory statement followed immediately by a retraction is just as bad as not making the retraction at all, it shows that he knows what he is doing and he knows it is wrong.


The sick don’t deserve healthcare! The poor don’t deserve money! The hungry don’t deserve food. The hairy don’t deserve winter coats, and the skinny don’t deserve donuts! Let them all eat cake!


Then why even have health care at all?

This is like saying you should have your car insurance revoked if you ever get in an accident.

He doesn’t want to pay for someone else’s health insurance, but other people are paying for his health insurance-- the very nature of everyone paying into the system is what makes it efficient and solvent.


Someone please send him a definition of the word “insurance” and high-level overview of how that works.


As a former Alabamian myself, I can verify that this is true.


So you managed to escape Shit Town? Congrats!


So… the only people who deserve health care are the people who don’t need it?