TOM THE DANCING BUG: School Time Rock - "I'm Just a Law"


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The Tea Party is a bunch of ruthless anarchists, not-so-secretly funded by greedy billionaires. Neither one sees any reason to respect some stinking law.


For some reason I’m now picturing Ted Cruz singing

I’m just a shill
Yes, I’m only a shill
And I’m shutting down Capitol Hill
Well, it’s a long, long journey
To the capital city
It’s a dark, dark day
When I’m steering a committee
But I know I’ll kill that law someday
At least I hope and pray that I will
But today I am still just a shill


I wouldn’t be too worried about the cannibal that is apparently unclear on the concept of an axe.


That’s a Tea Party cannibal. He’s totally okay with cutting his own head off.


Well, the good news is you can still get your apocalypse injuries taken care of with a 4 pounds of the-human-flesh-of-your-enemies deductible.


I don’t know that the bulk of them are anarchists. Certainly the bulk of them couldn’t define that word on their best day for sure…
But the “movement” has caused a lot of problems, even for those that self-apply that stupid moniker, though they are too dumb to realize it. Same for their cross-culture brethren, the stunted growth libertarians.
They are ill-informed, racist dipshits; disgruntled middle class and working class people misdirecting their anger; revisionists… and cranks.


Ruben left out the step where it got put to the Supreme Court litmus test…


I don’t think true anarchy would be conducive to the type of profiteering that the Koch brothers and their ilk like to take part in. Buying a piece of government for your own personal use and enjoyment doesn’t work if there is no government.


True anarchy wouldn’t ever happen without a catastrophic population drop, the power vacuum would be stupendous. What would happen would likely be much more akin to feudalism, which is what I suspect that they want.


FTFY :wink:


Us apoplectic cannibal hordesmen would like to protest our depiction as morally equivalent to US Congressmen.

Say what you will about us, but at least it’s an ethos!


When I grew up, everyone looked at the 60’s and thought, “there are some fun people who know how to live free!” They would say not to trust anyone over 30 etc.
Somehow all of that changed and now everyone thinks it is cool to love the Government. Let the Government take care of you and do everything for you.
All I see if more freedoms being removed every day.

I really don’t understand it. Now the Government will tell me what type of insurance I MUST purchase. All of my health information will now be stored along with all of my financial data at the IRS?! How can that be good? We are monitored by the NSA in all types of communication. Why does everyone love this and want this to continue?

Because a universally insured populace beats the alternative where those with insurance pay for the ER visits of those without.

And for the record I look at the people in the 60’s and think “look at those pot-smoking hippies that will become everything they currently despise.”


So you created an account here just to say that?

You smell fishy.


I believe that is a crucial step in their reproduction cycle…

Yes I really did. I am not against healthcare, but why does the IRS need to know so much about me? I do not trust the Government regardless of the party in charge.

How do I smell fishy? I honestly want to have a real conversation about this. I find it is almost impossible without someone immediately going into name calling. The internet has made everyone 12 years old.

How is the new system different? I pay much more for my insurance than the same man my age with a lower income. I am still paying for him aren’t I?

To quote Doctor Horrible, they aren’t looking for anarchy, they are looking for “anarchy, that I run”. That the concept makes no sense isn’t particularly important to them.


Somehow all of that changed and now everyone thinks it is cool to love the Government

Hmmmm. . . the USA is supposed to have a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”, and I don’t think 60’s hippies were necessarily in opposition to that. In fact I would say that 60’s youth culture took their grade school civics lessons and applied those ideas of freedom, equality, and morality to everyday life.

And lest you forget, a lot of those hippies were self-described communists.

Furthermore, if you are going to try and link socialized medicine with NSA spying, why not link driver’s licenses or library cards with NSA spying, in fact, since the NSA can spy on you through your computer then you must be opposed to the internet too! In other words, pretty much any modern convenience can be used by the NSA, that does not mean they are bad; spying is bad, medicine is good, OK?

The kind of freedom you seem to be espousing can only be attained by living where there is no society to interfere with your life. We have to live together, and it get’s complicated, so we have laws. Those laws aren’t about taking away your freedom, they are about making the world more humane and civilized.