Idaho GOP Congressjerk: "Nobody dies because they don't have access to health care"


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To clarify: Raul Labrador never died because of your lack of health care.


Damned Lannisters damn


“We have negotiated legislation that keeps our promise to the American people to lower health care costs while also protecting those with per-existing conditions.”

If by “protecting” you mean “excluding”, then yes, otherwise this is a hilariously blatant lie.


Well, “Representtive,” would you like to bet? Bear in mind that before moving to Montana, my daughter worked for Idaho as an epidemiologist. This is, by the way, my full legal name.

Does $10,000 sound reasonable? Stakes to be held in escrow, ruling to be made based on preponderance of evidence, arbitration by neutral party (I’m fine with a retired judge.)


My children will never meet their maternal grandmother because she delayed seeking critical care due to lack of access to affordable health coverage. Then the emergency care she received in the final weeks of her life left her husband with so much debt that he couldn’t afford the mortgage on their house. It worked out OK though, because he died of cancer shortly before he could be evicted.

They weren’t even poor. They were solidly middle class college-educated white folks. Others have it far worse.

This isn’t some goddamn partisan football game for some of us.


This story - my condolences - and others like it should at the least move the meter just a little bit with people.
But for some reason it doesn’t.
How we’ve bred a large swath of folks that are so bereft of empathy is beyond me. They revel in their Ayn Rand fantasyland. I mean, I realize that by and large (OK, basically all) libertarians are stunted emotionally and likely suffer from arrested development. But it’s even worse than that.


I’m an emergency medic (ski patrol) and couldn’t tell you how many people I’ve seen with (probable) concussions who have refused to be transported because they can’t afford the cost of the ambulance ride. Statistics being what they are, at least a few ended up either dead or disabled.

So, yeah.



I’m gunna play devil’s advocate here and say he’s right!

Lack of health care doesn’t kill people, stuff like cancer, heart attacks, and diabetes kills people! I mean, come on, it isn’t like the Republican Party uniformly voted to give people cancer.

Though, I am sure that if they could come up with a way to do that, they would just give it a pro-business spin and shove it down our throats anyway.


Another name, added to the list.


I tend to be optimistic, I’m gonna’ say ONE DOWN.


We have insurance, but they refused to pay for the ride for my son after a climbing accident left him hanging upside down with a carabiner through his ankle like meathook. Out of network dontcha know. Of course, he should have shopped around!


These guys need to be lined up against a wall and given small, shiny, round, fast-moving metal awards.


Perfectly safe, because as we all know it isn’t guns that kill people.


Lannisters pay their debts. This guy is a Republican.


That doesn’t seem to make sense. My ex-GF was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. So I guess “lucky” for her she is poor enough and/or disabled enough to qualify for medicaid. But with out that care her life span would be much shorter. And she doesn’t quality for some treatments or transplant, so it will, in the long run, be much shorter than it should be.


Not only is he wrong, but it is sad enough that apparently that is the only line in the sand that they even acknowledge.

People having their lives ruined by common and easily resolved health issues is totally fine after all.


Maybe he just means “everybody dies whether they have access to healthcare or not, so when you think about it there’s really no point in making sure they have it…”


It’s all in God’s hands.

So pray harder!