Springer Spaniel sees squirrel, sings crazy song


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He’s imitating the squirrel’s chattering mating call.

I had a cat that would imitate the birds’ calls when she saw them through the window. I would correct her and say “Birdy!”. After a while, she could almost clearly say the word.


I grew up with a Springer spaniel. This brings back some memories.


Well, we knew this gay marriage thing would lead to that: Dogs and squirrels sleeping together.




Helpful hint, folks: Don’t comfort a dog when it is engaging in unwanted behavior; Comforting is interpreted as a reward, not as a consolation. Gentle but insistent interruption, blocking, and correcting, then calming praise.

It’s no big deal for the funny little squirrel song, but for other kinds of barking and/or fixation, you don’t want to go down the “There, there” path.


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