Spunky platformer Spelunky hits PC, again


Meanwhile Tom Bramwell loves it over at Eurogamer:

Of all games, why this one is here?

I’ll echo the sentiment that it’s odd seeing this particular game appear on BoingBoing, but I also have to disagree with the RPS review on some levels.

One complaint made in the review is resolution sizes, that the game didn’t support the reviewer’s absurdly large screen (seriously, 2560×1440?). The original Spelunky for PC had 4 resolution choices, none of which was even referred to by a pixel measurement, but rather as 1x, 2x, 3x, and 4x. The port to consoles and the graphical rework necessitated additional options, and now those options are brought cleanly over to the PC from the 360, albeit remaining unexpanded. The reviewer complains about a lack of high resolution “windowed” options, when playing the game windowed on a console isn’t even possible, and bizarrely compares the two man indie dev team’s efforts in terms of offering graphical choices to the efforts of full size development houses?

The reviewer also makes absurd complaints such as not being able to use the mouse for “aiming your whip”, despite the fact that the whip is and always has been in every version of the game a static motion weapon that cannot be aimed in any way. He disparages how the game’s controlls are “all keyboard, or all controller”, as if he somehow expects a PC to have input devices other than keyboards or gamepads, and as if a keyboard is inherently, objectively inferior to a 360 controller for purposes of playing this game, despite the facts that 1) it isn’t and 2) you could always hook your 360 controller to your computer.

The reviewer at one point naively asks “why is this on PC?”. Apparantly the concept of people not owning XBOX 360s hasn’t occured to the man. Likewise, he doesn’t seem to understand that Spelunky and the man behind it, Derek Yu, got their start on PC, where vital interest in the game and where developer-player feedback sprung up in droves.

Spelunky on PC isn’t for XBOX 360 players. It’s for the PC players, who - when the new, improved, graphically rehauled version of the game that they loved and tested and helped improve and modded and spread the word about was announced was going to be a console exclusive - were dismayed at the fact that they wouldn’t be able to keep playing Spelunky in the land of it’s birth. Those without 360s have had to wait patiently until now to be able to play once more - and for such people, myself included, it feels like coming home.

why isn’t this on wii ware? why is no one making stuff for wii ware?

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