This 1-bit 'peasant simulator' is the next game by the creator of Threes



Come on game, I overthrew the nation and built a new castle on my controlled territory with a small army of followers. How do I get the identical ending?

We already have a simulator for that, called the 21st century.


Were these screenshots post-processed?

Because they clearly contain grayscale shades beyond a simple 1-bit palette.

I can’t actually run this game- I get a blank white screen when it starts. Anyone else having this issue? Windows 8.1.

Pathetic. I can’t stand games/videos like these can’t even be bothered to make all their “pixels” the same size. It’s just poor, lazy design.

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You begin as a 16-year-old peasant with unusually lofty dreams: to become a member of the royal family. Again, it's not exactly clear how you're going to do this

Someone has figured this out:

I’d guess it involves some of this:

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I figured it was the peasant who was optimistic rather than the simulator.

They appear to have been, yes.

There’s some (less) antialiasing in the game, which (obviously) is the result of the emulator upscaling it to a comprehensible resolution. :slight_smile:

I am also quite annoyed by retro graphics done lazily, but I’m not sure that declaring it the most significant thing about the game makes sense.

There’s a second step after you overthrow the ruler — you have to charm/conquer the nation via the castle. Then you win.

I didn’t say it was the most significant thing about the game. But when you appropriate the retro craze you should respect it. Otherwise, you’re just using it to gain undeserved visibility.

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