"Squeeze the butt, squeeze the legs, breathe..."

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this guy,
:snowman_with_snow:THE BOSS OF G-FORCE​:snowman_with_snow:


No love for the old-timey face rippling gentleman?

(this one, in case of embed fail)

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I thought he was trying to pass a polygraph test.

That’s weird. I keep getting directed to a bunch of Hyundai videos. The (YouTube) link in the bbs topic head is erroneous.

It should lead to


instead, it leads to



At first glance, I thought that was the face of someone fighting off “explosive diarrhea”.

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I know even a quick ~3-4G pull already messes with my vision a bit.

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I had a disturbing vision of Cosby sniffing some woman’s hair… I really need to get more sleep.

Ze qvestin ztill remains: vich von vill be virst? Ze man, or, ze monkey?

##G - zuss!

“that sucks”

ok so there’s a whole bunch of these and they’re great!

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In a facility run by elite government carnies…


This guy forgot to squeeze

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another funny one

oh man, that’s hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.


I want “Squeeze the butt, squeeze the legs, breathe” as a sample in a DnB song.

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