Squeeze's Glenn Tilbrook visits Daryl’s House

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Wow, Glen still sings amazing. Black Coffee in Bed remains my favorite Squeeze song.


Difford & Tilbrook’s output is almost unmatched when it comes to high-quality English pop music. I’m a great fan.
Hall & Oates’ H2O album comes round fairly often on my stereo, even after all these years.

Had never heard of Daryl’s Room before this - may have to explore other episodes.


Was just talking about Squeeze this morning after watching Rick Beato’s take on the new Beatles song where he pointed out that it has 3 minor chords in a row and how few songwriters do that. The bridge of Squeeze’s Up the Junction has 7 minor chords in a row! (C#m/G#m/F#m/Bm/Dm/Am/Gm) And Tempted sounds like a simple song but has a crazy number of chords in it. Tilbrook is amazing.


Oh, you are in for a treat. Lots of great music here.


just saw squeeze in ny at radio city with the psychedelic furs a few weeks ago. they can still bring it.


“Hourglass” was my favorite song and video as a child, but somehow awareness of Squeeze alluded me at the time. I grew up and completely forgot about it, as some folks do.

Fast-forward to me being in my mid-to-late 30s and hearing it again via a Siri-generated playlist. No joke, I almost cried with nostalgic happiness, which is not really in my emotional wheelhouse at all. It was like reconnecting with a part of me I’d forgotten existed.

Since then I’ve listened to Squeeze’s whole catalog multiple times and am now a real fan. Difford and Tillbrook, what a pair.

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Can confirm. I saw Squeeze and Psychedelic Furs a few weeks ago, and both sounded amazingly good.


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