St. Louis cop accused of planting gun on black man he shot to death

Throw down guns didn’t originate in that medium-sized city. They are so common and ubiquitous that they have become part of pop-culture showing up in procedural dramas and various other types of entertainment. It’s like rape in prison. We all know it happens but there is no political will to make things right. We just shrug our collective shoulders and move on.


The city’s budget crunch may be mentioned at election time, but lawsuits and settlements will not, unless activists get the information out. It would take a very effective info campaign to get the attention of most voters, though.

I wonder if we could pass legislation to recoup municipal legal payouts from the police budget. I bet they would behave a bit more responsively if they had something to lose.

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It’s the only consequences that count. And when the law enforcement community is, in fact working to prevent negative consequences…

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