Cop charged with murder after shooting man in car

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Yet the ABC article runs with the initial police narrative until the last paragraph and fails to contextualize the different tones. I am really hoping that a sustained national narrative arises around taking a more critical view of unqualified police accounts of incidents like this. I’m starting to see the murmurs in more progressive news media and hope that it begins spilling over into mainstream media. I already see phrases and context lifted straight out of the BLM movement beginning to supplant copaganda. There’s been a massive improvement in tone and language regarding mass shooting events, so it seems that some outlets are beginning to see how their passive, deferential language obscures facts and how framing stories around the perpetrators creates martyrs to nefarious impulses.

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Another sad case of Jonathan on Jonathan violence…

(EDIT: wait, it looks like one of the Jonathans spells their name differently. Still, not the most common name in the world)

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This is how to report a police shooting.

The important thing is that a police officer killed a person when life was not on the line. There should be nothing distracting from that terrible fact. Focus on solving that problem alone and it goes a long way to help solving other problems.


An attorney for Brown, 31, of Piney Flats, Tennessee, didn’t immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

With quality representation like that, this LEO has nothing to worry about… /s


Just from the snippets of information that I am getting here. It appears that that a citizen minding their own business states that to the police. Police don’t care. Police get angry that their orders are not complied with in a half second. Citizen who has freedom to leave does so. Angry law enforcer figuring immunity will cover them no matter what they do decides “screw it, I’ll just shoot them and say they tried to run me down”. Police find out people are now looking at situations much more closely now and find that they are on the dirty end of the stick. Personally, I hope they hang him out to dry in in prison until he croaks if the charges are proven true in court and a jury agrees.


It’s nowhere enough, but in just the past few years I’ve seen more criminal prosecution of cops for on duty murder than I had ever before.

Yet police shootings remain constant at about 1000/yr in USA.

It really makes you wonder why having some semblance of accountability isn’t deterring them.

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