Police chief insists officer accidentally ran over gunshot victim and has excuse for why it wasn't in the report

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Springfield Police Chief being an absolute dumbass?

This guy?


Something like this is where things can go way wrong. If the NAACP digs in and accuses racism/intention/charges it could discredit and hurt the cause of going after actual bad policing practices and bad police offices. Sure, this could be a case where some training is needed to help avoid the next one, but it just seems like a freak accident.

You mean people might get upset because a cop accidentally killed a guy? I don’t see the problem. That seems like the kind of thing that people should get upset over.

In fact, now that it comes out that they concealed it people are going to get a lot more angry than they would have if they’d just admitted to it in the first place.


That’s a pretty big fuck up. If she didn’t see the guy that is some really bad tunnel vision. Mistakes happen, but there should be consequences.

If I was on a work site and ran over a guy or ran into a guy with machinery - or even just driving down the road and hit someone - I’d have consequences.

Especially if I didn’t report it. That makes an accident into a hit and run. It sounds like she did report it -but they left it out of the official report? So that is a systemic issue - not just one officers error.


I’m not sure you understood what I was saying. Of course everyone has a right to be upset about what happened and there should be consequences. Perhaps the victim actually told the dispatcher they were in the street and the dispatcher didn’t relay that. Who knows, the facts will come out. There was a report made for what happened so I don’t know that we should scream cover up quite yet. I just don’t want this to be a step backwards in our fight for racial justice, that’s all. And I can see it being a tool of the other side depending on how it’s handled. I sincerely hope not.

Internal investigation will reveal that policy permits police to run over civilians and will clear the officer of wrongdoing.


We investigated ourselves, and found nothing…


100% of all internal investigations…


Apparently the police chief has missed that news that the coverup is worse than the crime. Even if the thump-thump WAS an accident, trying to conceal the news just makes them look, you know, GUILTY!


If I run over someone’s iced coffee cup in the road it sounds like I hit an elephant. This is CYA bullshit all the way down. Even if the officer wasn’t aware that there was a human being clearly in the road, they shouldn’t even be licensed to drive if they can’t detect when they run over a coffee cup, let alone a goddamn human.

The cruelty is the point.


Your concern is duly noted.


Are people screaming too much?

Is the whole civil rights movement too shrill?

Will “we” get what “we” want if “we” are just more polite about it, and complain about fewer things?


The linked article is interesting.
There are two videos, because there were two vehicles that responded.
The screen shot is from the lead vehicle’s video & the second video is from a vehicle that was closely following the first one.
Both vehicles turned onto the street where the victim was lying, maybe 50 yards away, & they were not travelling especially fast.
The street seems to have room for parking on both sides, so why does the screen shot show the vehicle driving waaay over on the left side?
And the 2nd vehicle was following pretty closely; did it run over the victim as well?

EDIT: tyop


“Brandy Burchett, the office’s chief investigator, said Thursday over email that those answers are pending and could take up to 12 weeks while the office awaits results of toxicology and other tests”

So, is that a toxicology report on the victim or the officer?

Edit: It was a rhetorical question.


You know it’s on the victim. If he had alcohol or drugs or anything in his system, then “he was no angel” and it was his own fault. And ACAB.


Everyday; I work on unlearning what I, and so many of us grew up being taught about the police.

So many of us grew up with the whole “Police” as good guys mantra.

As adults; Police are not our friends. And it just takes one bad one; to have allll the rest of the Police side to the Police in any dispute.

People with body armor, weapons, guns; and near Zero accountability.

Zero accountability.


We had a school resources officer, “Officer Friendly,” he was called, in all seriousness.
It’s sad that it’s necessary, but I’m glad you’re unlearning that stuff. Please pass it on to your peers. So many people never even get to entertain the illusion of police being there to protect and serve, because they’re persecuted for skin color or neighborhood or class or all of the above. They’re the ones who suffer the most.


“How can you listen to these BLM losers when they get upset about police killing black men even when it’s negligence instead of malice?” :neutral_face: