Stackable Star Wars mugs: mix and match the heads, torsos and legs


No ‘Slave Leia’ travel mug? No deal.


Ten freakin’ dollars apiece for cheap plastic mugs?

How fiendishly clever this puzzle is. Like Rubik’s Cube, it admits of trillions* of wrong solutions, but only one right. It would keep me awake for weeks if filled with delicious coffee.

*If by trillions you mean eight.


How does that work? There is no way the parts for Luke and the Stormtrooper could ever line up right! That’s canon!


You could even stack them so their FEET are on top of their HEADS!

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Never tell me the odds.


The plural of “chimera” is “chimeras”.

Nouns that end in “a” and can be pluralized by changing the “a” to “ae” are, in general, feminine nouns from Latin. Like, for instance, “lacuna”. “Chimera”, on the other hand, comes from Greek. The “ch” should tip you off to that even if you don’t remember the character from Greek mythology.

Not chimeropedes?


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