"Stacy's Mom" but it's about Stay's gay dad

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Stacy’s Dad has already been done, though a bit differently.

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As much as I am loathe to admit it, Fountains of Wayne was a really amazing band.

Wait, what!?!

Damn, I didn’t know that. COVID, no less and early on in the pandemic. Damn.


I am genuinely a huge fan of everything Adam Schlesinger did. Dude was one of my musical heroes. He had a great ear for pop songwriting and wordplay. I rarely cry over celebrities in general, but his was the first COVID death that really shook me.


Excellent version, with good mirroring of the original and an almost spot-on sound.

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That was a really good version!

FWIW, I always liked this song, and I found this animation done to it years ago that I really liked.

Aw man, me neither. He was too young.


The lyrics say that Stacy’s Mom came out. /pedant

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Rachel Bloom’s version of Stacy’s Mom is a stand-out, but the whole album is great.

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The line that has those words does exist, but not in that context:
Your mom came out with just a towel on (Towel on) /extra-pedant
(edit: Ah, you meant in the linked Stacy’s dad version - nevermind)

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Most of the songs that I make up on the spot are using the tune from “Radiation Vibe”

Lyrics on the shown one are very similar in some parts, but that might be because the beats and rhymes only allow so many combinations.

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